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(introduction of innovation results)

the "new ultra clean emission desulfurization and denitrification co management integrated equipment" with the zhejiang university is listed by the zhejiang provincial commission on the "first set of equipment manufacturing industry in zhejiang province" by the zhejiang provincial commission on environmental protection, and the annual production of 1000 sets of desulfurization and denitrification equipment is listed by the zhejiang provincial development and reform commission as "the 991 action plan for the development of circular economy in zhejiang province." "project": "combined domestic sewage terminal used in rural sewage treatment engineering in mountain areas" and "super low emission and efficient deep desulfurization technology suitable for carbon industry" two practical results are listed in the special research activities of zhejiang environmental protection system "environmental protection industry and green development - excellent award".

macro electric environmental protection has been awarded more than 20 honors, such as "national high-tech enterprises", "listed key cultivation enterprises" and "eiipa observer unit", and has 9 invention patents, 95 utility model patents and 6 software 凯发k8app copyright. enter the enterprise cooperation unit. zou kexing, chairman of the company, scored outstanding achievements in promoting the development of enterprises in the field of technological innovation. in 2017, he was named jinhua's ten largest technology company.