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super low emission project of zhejiang hengdian thermal power co., ltd.

source:zhejiang hoodi environmental protection technology co., ltd.publication time:2017-07-10

recently, the company received the bid notice, and confirmed that "zhejiang hong dian environmental protection technology co., ltd." is the winning bidder of "zhejiang hengdian thermoelectric co., ltd. ultra low emission modification project (smoke part"). the project includes the design, purchase, construction, installation, training, commissioning and completion of the project. the project is 156 days.

the ultra-low emission transformation project is another major engineering renovation project after our company won the bid of zhejiang heng dian thermoelectric co., ltd. in 2014. (review: "zhejiang hengdian thermal power desulfurization and denitrification renovation project" as the focus of dongyang city reconstruction project, the project leaders at all levels of care and collaboration of different departments, the staff of project department and construction team unity, struggle, hengdian thermal power denitration and desulfurization project in november 2014 passed the environmental protection department acceptance).

the ministry of environmental protection jointly ndrc energy bureau issued on the issuance of the "action plan for energy saving coal upgrading and transformation (2014-2020) and the" notice of the state council executive meeting decided in december 2, 2015 2020 before the full implementation of coal-fired units with ultra low emission and energy saving, and the eastern and central regions to advance to 2017 and 2018.

therefore, after the signing of the contract, the project is formally entered into the implementation stage from the preparatory stage to ensure the completion of the project in accordance with the contract. in july 7th, a familiar meeting was held before the start of the project in hengdian thermal power organization. the conference was composed of owners, supervision units and contractors, and communicated and understood the actual situation of the site. our company chairman, chief engineer and project manager participated in the conference. we also reported to the parties about the current stage of the construction organization design progress plan, construction plan and personnel arrangement of the project department. our company will be the ultra low emission control project to do key projects for many companies in the project, will be sent to the backbone technology and management team on project implementation and comprehensive control, the successful completion of the project according to the contract requirements, and achieve the ultra low emission requirements.