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the leadership of the committee of the provincial committee of the ministry of information to visit our investigation and survey

source:zhejiang hoodi environmental protection technology co., ltd.publication time:2017-08-10

in august 9, 2017, zhejiang province by letter commission director zhang li enterprise planning office line in the city and district commission by letter accompanied by leaders, to our investigation on our development status of the company was named the 2014 annual zhejiang province on the regulation of enterprises "venture star" in 2015 (review: "zhejiang province economy and the information committee released in 2014 on the province's new regulations on enterprises" enterprise star "list of notice" (by letter of zhejiang enterprises regulations (2015) no. 335 document), zhejiang hongdian environmental protection science and technology limited company after several rounds of expert review, provincial commission by letter of the decision research, won the 2014 provincial new regulation of enterprises "enterprises star" title), chairman and ceo accompanied.

a place in a row, in the company conference room listened carefully to our growth process, technological advantages, business conditions, business performance, core team, capital operation and development strategy in the future goal of "core environmental protection equipment manufacturers, system integrators and environmental engineering, environmental management integrated service provider". our company always relies on equipment manufacturing, and drives the rapid development of enterprises with technological innovation. at the same time, we build a comprehensive environment operation and maintenance platform through continuous development.

after listening to relevant information, zhang chu gave full recognition to our company's comprehensive development in recent years, especially for the company's leadership team, business models and strategic planning. at the same time, our hope in the process of rapid development, to enhance the company's internal management and technical innovation, steady each step, we also actively encourage present business process have what problem.

the chairman of the company, on behalf of the company, visited our department for a visit to our company, concerned about the development of the company and made valuable suggestions to express our sincere thanks. we will not forget the first heart, based on the present, focus on the future, do a good job in environmental protection, for the cause of china's environmental protection!