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lang guanghui, chairman of soo tong development

source:zhejiang hoodi environmental protection technology co., ltd.publication time:2017-09-27

in september 24th, lang guanghui, chairman of sotong development limited by share ltd, visited our company. the top leaders of our company, including zou kexing, ceo yu liwei, vice president zhang wenguang, ceng botao and mei mingjun, warmly received and led the inspection tour.

in the company of a floor large conference room both sides held a forum meeting, zou xing chairman of a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the chairman for lang to division i, and describes the development process and strategic planning to acer. vice president ceng botao introduced the basic situation, core advantage and core technology of hong kong's enterprise. yu liwei executive president also made a detailed description of the company's capital operation plan. president lang listened carefully to the speech of leaders of the hong kong electric power company from time to time, and made notes from time to time. in his subsequent speech, he expressed great recognition of the development of hong dian, and expressed his appreciation for the strength of all aspects of our company.

in the inspection process, the chairman lang guanghui in-depth production workshop, warehouse on-site inspection of the work in our leadership, further understanding and advice on our products, and with the view to understand the personnel management, our production, product quality and working process and so on our strength to give a production high praise for our products express affirmation and trust, both leaders said very much looking forward to the next step of cooperation, hope to enhance mutual cooperation to seek common development.