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the secretary general of the chinese carbon industry association, sun qing, came to our department for investigation and guidance

source:zhejiang hoodi environmental protection technology co., ltd.publication time:2017-11-01

in october 31, 2017, china carbon industry association secretary general sun qing come to visit our company guidance, the company chairman zou xing, executive president yu liwei, vice president mei mingjun accompanied.

in the discussion, the leadership of the company to have sun qing secretary introduced the development process, the company's business model, production and operation, the core team, the company's five core technology, the strategic plan for the development of future ltd and wet electric equipment development, design,production scale and capacity.

later, in the report that the current chairman is the opportunity and the challenge in the timing of the environmental protection industry, we hongdian environmental protection will make full use of their advantages, will always lead the company technology as the engine of development, company as a high-tech enterprises, will continue to achieve greater breakthroughs in science and technology innovation ability of new, independent play innovation advantage, to further increase product development efforts. only by accelerating technological innovation and technological transformation will the company have a new space for economic growth.

the company set up the "35 strategic plan", aiming at building an integrated service provider for environmental governance, integrating equipment integration, engineering construction and operation to form an environmental protection enterprise with comprehensive technology integration capability, good corporate brand and corresponding scale.

secretary general sun qing after hearing the report, in recent years our comprehensive development fully affirmed, especially expressed appreciation for the company team, business model, strategic planning, i think our products in environmental protection equipment selection and accurate positioning, new product development,technology innovation ability, has achieved remarkable results, has great development potential.

then, sun qing secretary general went deep into the production workshop and warehouse to know the quality and operation of the products. i hope our company will continue to expand the market and make full use of the advantages of macro and electrical protection, and constantly improve the market competitiveness.