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source:zhejiang hoodi environmental protection technology co., ltd.publication time:2017-11-07

recently, jinhua has selected the first batch of "science and technology wu merchants". "science and technology wu shang" is the most important example of wu shang's technology and innovation. in this list of 10 people, zou kexing, chairman of jindong enterprise zhejiang macro environmental protection technology co., ltd. is in the list.

when he heard that he was awarded the title of "science and technology wu shang", zou kexing had mixed feelings.

as an outsider, zou kexing first encountered technical difficulties at the beginning of his business. he bought a lot of professional books from the bookstore and studied with his colleagues, and continued to learn from the advanced technology in china. starting from the design, production, manufacture, commissioning and assembly of each spare part, we should learn from each link and do it in person. "in my opinion, how to occupy the market heights is the key to technological innovation." because of this, "macro electricity environmental protection" pays great attention to the cooperation with scientific research colleges and universities, and establishes r & d center with scientific research colleges and universities as the support of technology, and actively transforms scientific and technological achievements into practical productive forces.

now, "hong electric environmental protection" has established a good cooperative relationship with the zhejiang university, shanghai university of electric power, zhejiang sci-tech university and other colleges and universities, and is committed to the research, development and utilization of environmental pollution control technology, and has achieved fruitful results. the advanced technology was quickly trusted by customers. more and more enterprises adopted the technology of "macro electricity and environmental protection" in environmental protection projects.

he used his perseverance to get out of his career line.

two thousand

after graduating from the department of mechanical engineering of zhejiang university of technology, zou kexing, like many students, started out in the building fire protection industry and had a small reputation in the industry for a few years.

two thousand and eight

but zou kexing made a decision that made everyone unexpected.

two thousand and twelve

"macro electric environmental protection" provides a complete set of solutions for the "high efficiency desulfurization test platform (absorption tower)" project of the institute of thermal engineering of zhejiang university, and has completed the supply and installation services of the whole set of products.

two thousand and fourteen

the "wet desulphurization and demister system" developed jointly by zhejiang university has been included in the key project of science and technology plan by jinhua science and technology bureau.

two thousand and seventeen

zou kexing was awarded the first title of "jinhua science and technology wu shang".

now, after 8 years of development, the "macro electric environmental protection" has developed from a small enterprise with only more than 10 people and an annual output value of hundreds of thousands of yuan. it has developed into a medium-sized enterprise with nearly 100 employees and more than 100 million yuan per year sales contract. "our products and engineering sales services all over the country, successively with the cac, datang, huaneng, hua tv, guodian, guangdong power and other large power generation companies." in zou kexing's view, "macro environmental protection" is to benefit the descendants of all generations of green business, and he is most willing to do in this life is also the environmental protection industry's "green guard".

in recent years, frequent haze and emission control of coal-fired boilers has become increasingly stringent. as an entrepreneur, it is to do something with real action to improve the domestic ecological environment and benefit the future generations. - zou kexing