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xie zhiqun, chief engineer of guiyang aluminum magnesium design institute, visited macro electric inspection guidance

source:zhejiang hoodi environmental protection technology co., ltd.publication time:2017-11-08

in november 6, 2017, xie zhiqun, the chief engineer of the guiyang aluminum magnesium design institute, arrived at the guidance of the macro electric inspection. zou kexing, ceo yu liwei and general manager ceng botao were accompanied by the chairman of the company.

chairman zou kexing, on behalf of the staff, warmly welcomed the chief engineer of xie zhiqun to visit our company. the leaders have to thank the chief engineer introduced the development process, the company's business model, production and operation, the core team, the company's five core technology, the strategic plan for the development of future ltd and wet electric equipment development, design, scale and manufacturing capacity as well as in the carbon industry development direction.

after hearing the report, chief engineer xie zhiqun affirmed the rapid development of the company in recent years. he believed that the company was very forward-looking in the choice of environmental protection equipment products. at the same time, we take the opportunity to share the classic engineering achievements in the

carbon industry's air control, and express our great concern for our wet limestone gypsum wastewater treatment technology and the treatment of wet electric wastewater. the two sides have fully communicated with each other in technology.

subsequently, yu liwei, executive director of our company, accompanied by the chief engineer of xie zhiqun, went to the field investigation of the super low emission renovation project department of zhejiang hengdian thermal power co., ltd., which is a general contractor of our company. in the construction site of the project to carry out guidance and exchange, the department of our design, project management and construction quality is highly praised.