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strong and strong combination, complementary advantages, cooperation and win-win situation -- school and enterprise jointly build zhejiang university environmental protection workstation

source:zhejiang hoodi environmental protection technology co., ltd.publication time:2018-05-21

on the site of the construction of the zhejiang university macro electricity environmental protection work station. wu xiaoxiong, vice mayor of jiangshan city, shao mingguo, vice president of industrial technology transformation research institute of zhejiang university, and zhou jianrong, director of the science and technology bureau of jiangshan city, attended the signing ceremony.

the institute of industrial technology transformation of zhejiang university (abbreviated as "institute of industrial research"), relying on the strong scientific and technological research and development capability of zhejiang university, is committed to the innovation and development of a new type of cooperation mechanism and model for the development of new political production, learning and research, the gathering of innovative resources at home and abroad, the initiative to butt the strategic deployment and the development goals of local industry, and promote the close relationship between industrial technology development and business incubating. at present, the technology transfer center of the institute of industry and research has established close contact with more than 600 experts and nearly 1000 enterprises outside the school. more than 400 projects have been docked every year and more than 100 are landed, which have successfully promoted the school, enterprise declaration, provincial level, municipal science and technology project, school enterprise cooperation item, and cooperation project over 400 million yuan.

macroelectric environmental protection is always taking high and new technology as the direction of development, focusing on strengthening and expanding the cooperation with universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad, and work together on the research, development and application of environmental pollution control technology. this time with the technology transfer center of the institute of industrial technology transformation of zhejiang university to build the zhejiang university macro electricity environmental workstation, on the one hand, it aims to create the core technology innovation ability and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise through the technology of zhejiang university and zhejiang university, and improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise. on the other hand, we can achieve complementary advantages and win-win cooperation. . there is a special task in the industry, and the society has the division of labor. every person and every enterprise has its own good things to do. only by combining school and enterprise and giving full play to its own specialties can we quickly implement the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements and achieve social and economic benefits.