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zhou dewen, chairman of the board of directors of shanghai zhong he road group, led the famous delegation of wenzhou chamber of commerce in jiangshan city.

source:zhejiang hoodi environmental protection technology co., ltd.publication time:2018-05-20

in may 17, 2018, zhou dewen, the economist, chairman of the board of the director of shanghai and zheng dao group, led the wenzhou chamber of commerce of jiangshan city to visit macro electric environmental protection jiangshan base under the accompaniment of the staff of jiangshan city. mr. zou chou xing, vice president of environmental protection of hong kong, ceng botao, general manager of the ministry of atmospheric governance, ma xiaolong, and so on. accompany the reception.
zou kexing, chairman of the hong kong environmental protection company, extended a warm welcome to zhou dewen and his party on behalf of the company. after ma xiaolong, the deputy general of the department of atmospheric governance, introduced the basic situation of the company to the guests, president zou kexing had interacted with the investigation group on the advantages of the enterprise, the team building, the layout of the company, the mode of management and the future development of the company.

in the exchange, the chairman of zou ke xing pointed out that the "35 strategic planning (2011-2025)" established by the company established the strategic goal of "environmental governance comprehensive service provider", which integrates "core environmental protection equipment manufacturing, environmental protection engineering system integration, environmental protection facilities operation and maintenance". on the basis of our rich experience, we will continue to pay high attention to the research and development of core technology and business model innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprises, provide high-quality environmental protection services for customers, and create a comprehensive and healthy, healthy and sustainable development platform for environmental governance.

after hearing the report, president zhou dewen fully affirmed the overall and rapid development of our company in recent years, especially to the company's team, business model, strategic planning and so on. we believe that our company is accurate in the selection of environmental equipment products, and the new product r & d, scientific and technological innovation ability is strong, very effective and highly effective. we hope that our company will continue to increase market development efforts, give full play to the advantages of macro environmental protection, and constantly improve the market competitiveness.