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the government inspection team of suzhou district, anhui, visited the company for investigation and communication.

source:zhejiang hoodi environmental protection technology co., ltd.publication time:2018-04-28

in april 26, 2018, sun haibo, deputy director of the national people's congress of suzhou city of anhui province, led the delegation of the government to visit hong kong's environmental inspection and exchange, the chairman of the company, zou kexing, ceo yu liwei and other escorts. the visit to jinhua is mainly to understand the situation of rural residential environment improvement, and learn some good experiences and good practices in zhejiang, especially jinhua, in rural sewage treatment and garbage classification. environmental protection as the main source of operation of the "five water co governance" in zhejiang, pujiang county, is the main operation and maintenance unit of rural water environment governance.

zou kexing, chairman of hong kong environmental protection co., ltd., on behalf of the company, extended a warm welcome to the arrival of the government inspection team of the government. executive president yu liwei introduced the basic situation of the company to the guests, and the technical manager of the ecological environment department, zhijun mountain, made technical sharing in the rural sewage treatment. then, the chairman of zou chou xing conducted interactive exchanges with the team on the strategic level of the development of science and technology innovation, team building, business model and capital operation. sun haibo, deputy director of the npc district people's congress, first of all thanks to our company's warm reception and experience sharing, and thinks that our company is a strong and well experienced environmental protection company. he said that president xi recently made important instructions on building a beautiful and livable beautiful country, and called for the promotion of "zhejiang experience". in response to the call, the district was also carrying out a great renovation of the rural environment. zhejiang was in the forefront of the construction of the beautiful countryside to improve the ecological environment. zhejiang, what we have seen and heard is really deeply touched. we sincerely welcome some experienced and powerful companies like hong dian environmental protection to participate in the construction of beautiful countryside in the district, and provide advanced and mature experience for the improvement of the rural environment. zou kexing, the president of environmental protection, said that the environmental protection of hong kong is very willing to improve the ecological environment of the bridge area. it provides the people with more happiness to provide the wisdom and technology of the macroelectric people, and to create a better life is the initial heart and mission of the environmental protection of the macro electricity.