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as long as you dare to come, we'll dare to!

source:zhejiang hoodi environmental protection technology co., ltd.publication time:2018-03-01

zhejiang hong electric environmental protection science and technology co., ltd., founded in 2008, is a comprehensive environmental control synthesis of environmental pollution control projects, such as ultra low emission control of air pollution, five water co treatment, vocs organic waste gas treatment, sewage treatment and other environmental pollution control projects, environmental protection intelligent transportation and environmental protection equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. the service provider.

dear, the vast sea of people, suddenly looking back, where are you? a utopia of eight horses;
a relaxed and pleasant office environment with absolutely competitive wages in the industry.
five risks, employee's birthday, festival welfare, all kinds of allowances... one can't be less!
here, we do not have bureaucratic dogmatism; here, we refuse mediocrity.
here, you can sky and sky starry sky, but you can't afford to be blind.
here, you can be capricious, but you must love the company and love your team and love your partner.
here, you can be imperfect, but you must have thoughts and passion.
we are not only kind and simple, but also the warm male, the handsome man and the dregs.
i can only help you get here. don't ask me who i am. please call me lei feng.
if you are a good young man with ability, thoughts, ideals and drive,
then join us and become our little partners.
together to create a beautiful future of environmental protection. do you, dare you come to the challenge?