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macro electricity environmental protection and youth

source:zhejiang hoodi environmental protection technology co., ltd.publication time:2017-11-11

in the morning of november 11, 2017, jindong district held a news conference on talent new deal, and issued some opinions on promoting innovation and development of talents. the press conference introduces the environment of innovation and innovation in our district, and fully interprets the new talent policy.

especially the provisions of the new deal in the talent, to attract, jindong self reporting selected areas, "thousands of people plan" plan "experts, based on the municipal policy has given higher authorities reward 1:1 matching, then in accordance with the city district level financial contribution to supporting 1:2 on the basis of these experts if the full time in jindong to start a business, a total of 5 years high can arrange 6 million yuan project funding.

after the conference, the company chairman zou kexing and young people plan expert dr. zang jianfeng signed a cooperation agreement, the two sides will focus on monitoring, operation and maintenance of organic waste gas and so on to carry out the wisdom of environmental technology research and industrialization of science and technology, research and development platform, to build cooperation jointly apply for invention patents and other intellectual property rights.

is science and technology and talent driven innovation driven company, strong r & d team in the first place, let dr. experts stationed in the enterprise, research and development and utilization of common commitment to environmental pollution control technology, launched a closer and more direct mode of cooperation, the effect of scientific and technological achievements into practical productive forces, it will be an important engine we hongdian more robust development of future environmental protection.