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our company takes part in jiangshan city's

source:zhejiang hoodi environmental protection technology co., ltd.publication time:2018-02-23

in the morning of february 23, 2018, jiangshan city solemnly held the "comprehensive revitalization industry conference and the municipal government cadres meeting". tong weixin, the secretary of the municipal committee of the municipal party committee, stressed that the overall revitalization of industry as a top priority for economic and social development was taken to accelerate industrial transformation and upgrade, and to create an upgraded version of "industrial strong city". all measures should be fully implemented in the overall revitalization of industry. we should adhere to the efficiency of the stock and increase the quality of the "two hands", speed up the upgrading of the traditional industrial transformation, optimize the stock industry, accelerate the project to attract the ground and expand the industrial increment. we should insist on the listing of the stock reform and the "double wheel drive" of scientific and technological innovation, and take the stock market as an important strategic choice for the enterprise to realize the fission, and take the innovation as the favorable motive force to lead the development of the enterprise.
"macro electricity environmental protection" under the banner of zhejiang hong electric environmental protection equipment manufacturing co., ltd., in 2013 from the jiangshan municipal government investment to the four jiangshan mechatronic industrial park, was listed in the key construction projects in jiangshan city. this is the "2017 year high technology enterprise award". this is the affirmation of "macro electric environmental protection" for many years to adhere to the development of scientific and technological innovation enterprises, but also the government of jiangshan city, "macro electricity environmental protection" care and encouragement.
in the future, "macro environmental protection" will continue to uphold scientific and technological innovation, gather high and new talent's development concept, make big and strong environmental protection industry, play a demonstration role of high and new technology enterprises, boost the transformation of industrial economy in jiangshan city, and make greater contribution to the construction of "big garden".