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ye chuncheng, the deputy head of jindong district, visited our company after the holiday.

source:zhejiang hoodi environmental protection technology co., ltd.publication time:2018-02-23

in february 23, 2018, ye chuncheng, the deputy head of the deputy head of the jin dong district, led the head of the relevant department and the chief executive of the dong xiao street to visit our department after the festival. the vice president of the company, zhang wenguang, nie huijun, was accompanied by the vice president of the company.

the deputy chief of the company issued a tax credit medal for our company, and gave full recognition to the company's extraordinary achievements in 2017 and its tax contribution. in the survey, the deputy director of the vice section of the company has a friendly discussion with the leader of the company. it understands the construction of the new year, the situation of production and operation, and inquired about the difficulties in the process of production and operation and the problems that need the help of the government to solve the problem.
vice governor pointed out that the environmental protection industry, as a green sunrise industry with the government's key support, will have a bright future. the district government will continue to care and support the development of "macro electricity environmental protection", and the relevant departments should actively dock service enterprises, create a good environment for the development of enterprises, and promote the rapid development of "macro electricity environmental protection". he also hoped that my "macro environmental protection" can continue to play the advantages of science and technology, talents, make persistent efforts, create brilliant achievements, and make new contributions to the construction of beautiful jindong.
in 2018, hong kong environmental protection aims to build a comprehensive and stable platform for sustainable development.