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dear, thank you! - hong kong environmental protection &2018 annual spring festival

source:zhejiang hoodi environmental protection technology co., ltd.publication time:2018-02-03

february 3, 2018, "dear, thank you!" the theme of "&2018 annual spring festival" is held in jinhua world trade hotel.

in the past year, hong kong, the young team, has the courage to shoulder the responsibility and mission of the family, the company, the passion work, the happy life, the successful completion of the company's year-end task! looking back on the past, the development path is inseparable from the hard work and efforts of every employee, and the support and concern of employees' families are unknown.

at the same time, we know that on the road of development, we can not do without the support and concern of leaders from all walks of life. we are gathered together to celebrate the brilliant achievements of yesterday and look forward to a bright future tomorrow.

with your dream come, chasing your dream, the wisdom of building a dream of macro electricity, thousands of miles to gather macro electricity, macro and electrical team work together, the grand exhibition of great dreams. the opening of the annual meeting is first of all, a song created by the hong kong environmental protection executive and its staff representatives.

environmental management, we work hard, green water castle peak is jinshan yinshan. in 2018, we were confident in our efforts.
the company has such achievements, in addition to the leadership of the company's brilliant decision, but also can not leave all the employees with the growth of environmental protection with macro electricity, because of their hard work, work together, only the development of the company.

after that, entering the 2017 year award ceremony, the company leaders issued honorary certificates for "outstanding directors", "outstanding employees", "working activists", "outstanding newcomers" in 2017.

excellence comes from excellence, and excellence becomes a habit.
chairman zou kexing, on behalf of the hong kong environmental protection environment, sends sincere wishes and sincere thanks to all the friends, staff and family members of the community who have long been concerned and supported the development of the company. we believe that in 2018, the macro electric environmental protection will create more miracles. all the employees of hong kong's environmental protection and environmental protection will also devote themselves to the work with a more full passion to create a beautiful tomorrow that belongs to the people of our macro power.

all the executives of the hong kong environmental protection company jointly raised their glasses. i sincerely wish all the leading guests here and the hong electric environmentalists happy and healthy.
the entire annual meeting was presented by the hong kong environmental protection staff, a self produced and self starring and wonderful artistic program. performance of dance, singing, gourd play, magic, tai chi and other forms of programs, for the guests and the macro electrician people have a wonderful, elegant, extremely shocking visual feast. at the same time, the annual meeting also interspersed with lottery, games, red packets, excellent programs and so on. the scene is warm and climax, and everyone feels the atmosphere of the warm and harmonious team.

the dance "c mile c" brought by the equipment manufacturing department

small host zou nuo brings lively and beautiful dance "girl".

the game interactive link that fits the theme of the annual meeting.

the ministry of ecology and environment has brought wonderful performances, attracting many children's participation.

the performance of the gourd silk program selected by the management center - "let me understand your language" is performed by the famous composer ai huixiu, jinhua.

let us cherish this rare gathering to make this evening a joyous night and a lucky night. the brightest star in the night sky brought by the ministry of equipment manufacturing

the management center sent the group to sing "singing the folk song to the party to listen to the chinese dream".

the guest, yu jian, brings the warm and bold song "the hulun buir prairie".

mr. yu liwei, ceo, brings a set of chen tai chi performances.

chairman zou kexing took the special prize

company leaders award and take pictures for excellent programs
your understanding is the strength of our struggle!
your trust is the source of our development.
your support is the hope of our success!
2018, the new voyage has been opened, facing new challenges, new opportunities, and for new progress and new brilliance, every macro electric environmental worker will be more inclined to invest, and our input can not be separated from you - our respectable family and all the friends who are concerned about the development of environmental protection. hold.
2017 continuous high song, 2018 synergy development!