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2017 continuous singing and 2018 coordinated development -- summing up the work of the 2017 year of the environmental protection and the 2018 work conference

source:zhejiang hoodi environmental protection technology co., ltd.publication time:2018-02-03

in february 3, 2018, the "2017 annual work summary and the 2018 work deployment conference" was held in jinhua world trade hotel, and all the employees attended.

summing up the conference, first of all, the heads of departments and leaders in charge do their duty. the purpose of this meeting is to comprehensively summarize the achievements of the company's 2017 year marketing management, internal control management, project management and enterprise culture construction, in-depth analysis of the existing problems and reasons, and clear the overall objectives and specific work deployment of the company in 2018.
in 2017, the company's various business departments (departments) worked together, closely coordinated, closely around the goals set at the beginning of the year, the responsibility implemented to the people, the task layer decomposition, the active completion of the sales target and the implementation of the regulation related control management, made outstanding contribution to the development of the company.

at the meeting, chairman zou kexing summed up the future development orientation, internal control system management construction, cost control and so on, and emphasized that the development of environmental protection of macro electricity has always been guided by the "three - five strategic planning", in order to establish "core environmental protection equipment maker, environmental engineering system integrator, ring" as a strategic goal, the comprehensive solution of "equipment service" is provided to the customers, and the advantages of the company are different from the pure air and water management engineering companies and the traditional environmental protection equipment manufacturers.

the chairman clearly stated the economic objectives, management objectives, business models, organizational structure and implementation measures in 2018. in 2018, macro electric environmental protection efforts to promote marketing management, capital operation, resource integration, internal control management, scientific and technological innovation and other core capabilities, and constantly establish the competitive advantage of the market.
in 2018, cooperative development!