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the chairman of the company was awarded the top ten outstanding entrepreneurs of jinhua wuyi chamber of commerce.

source:zhejiang hoodi environmental protection technology co., ltd.publication time:2018-01-28

in march 23, 2018, the deputy director of the jiangshan municipal people's congress, ning ye, led the superior team of the equipment manufacturing industry of jiangshan city to visit macro electric environmental protection jiangshan base, deeply understand the bottlenecks and pain points of the enterprise's innovation and development, listen to the enterprise demands and consult the enterprise recommendations. company chairman zou kexing, general manager ceng botao and other accompanying research.
at the symposium, chairman zou kexing, first of all, gave a warm welcome to the leaders of the company, reporting to the deputy director of ningye in detail on the enterprise development, production and management, core team, core technology and the development strategy of future ltd.

the deputy director of ningye listened to the report carefully. he expressed his sincere pleasure in the achievements of hong kong's environmental protection in the process of many years of entrepreneurship. it gave a high evaluation of the company's development concept and prospective planning, and appreciated the success of the company's successful transformation from a fire engineering enterprise to the environmental protection enterprise and such a rapid development. he fully affirmed the management team and the culture of my company. he believed that the team strength, the high cohesion and the bright future of the industry market. at the same time, he also communicated and instruced my company's difficulties and problems at present. i hope that in the process of rapid development, we should pay more attention to strengthen the internal management and technology of the company. innovation, steady and stable implementation of high quality development, and jiangshan city will further increase the intensity of services, fully support the macro environmental protection bigger and stronger.

zou kexing, the chairman of hong kong's environmental protection environmental protection, visited our company on behalf of the deputy director of the jiangshan municipal people's congress, ning ye, the deputy director of the national people's congress, to visit our company, and to express our sincere thanks to the enterprise development and to put forward valuable suggestions. environmental protection will make great contributions to the development of jiangshan city's industrial economy.