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the chairman of the company attended the two general meeting of the four chambers of commerce and made the annual work summary report.

source:zhejiang hoodi environmental protection technology co., ltd.publication time:2018-01-27

in january 27, 2018, the two member conference of the four capital chamber of commerce in jiangshan city, with the theme of "cohesive four all, strives to move forward", was successfully held in the monarch river hotel. li peirong, deputy director of jiangshan municipal people's congress and relevant departments of the municipal federation of industry and commerce attended the conference and made important speeches. zou kexing, chairman of the company and president of the four chamber of commerce of jiangshan city made a summary of the work of the chamber of commerce in 2017 and a report on the work of 2018.
business, business, business, business, business, business, business, the vast sea, the solitary army hard to stop the wind and waves, and the chamber of commerce platform, set hundreds of enterprises into aircraft carriers, can wind waves in the sea. as chairman of the new generation entrepreneur's chamber of commerce, chairman zou kexing has a long road to go and a long way to go.
at the meeting, deputy director li peirong expressed the hope that the general member units should take the chamber of commerce as a platform to achieve the complementation of resources, strong and weak and common development, so as to make the chamber of commerce full of vitality and cohesiveness; to play the role of bridge ties and bring the talents, technology and projects back home and build cohesiveness, investment and cooperation. win the new platform, go all out to revitalize the jiangshan industry, and promote the construction of jiangshan "big garden".

jiangshan city's four capital chamber of commerce was named "the four best advanced chamber of commerce" in quzhou in 2017. president zou kexing said, cherish the honor and make persistent efforts. in pursuit of economic benefits, enterprises should also assume greater social responsibilities and do something in public service. "macro electricity environmental protection" as the president of the chamber of commerce "train head", actively respond to the four key work plan of the town government in 2018, unite members, support the good development of the member units, and contribute more to the construction of "four american and four" construction.