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the company successfully held the first staff fun games

source:zhejiang hoodi environmental protection technology co., ltd.publication time:2018-01-23

in january 19, 2018, the first sports fun meeting was held in jiangshan equipment manufacturing base on the theme of "friendship and participation, fun and fitness, i am happy".

in the opening speech, zou kexing, chairman of the company, said: "macro environmental protection has made remarkable achievements in the past year under the joint efforts of all staff. in 2018, we "coordinated development"! "strong employees, the enterprise is strong; science and technology, the enterprise is prosperous!" our macro electricity environmental protection to show to the society is a full of vitality team, is a hard and enterprising team, is a battle can win the team.

after the opening ceremony, the fun games competition in full swing, there are basketball pk (blue & white team team tug of war, green mountains and rivers), collective long rope jumping, mixed team relay, ball point, padfoot, darts and other 7 sports competition. the athletes struggle hard, transcend themselves, unite and cooperate, have a high enthusiasm, and the cheers come in and out, and the sound of refueling is all over the ear. after all the efforts of all the athletes, the referees and the staff, all the competitions have been successfully completed, and all the projects have achieved excellent results.

this interesting sports meet is a collective activity that concentrates on the macro electric and environmental protection enterprise culture, displays athlete's sports competitive level, and displays the macro electric environmental protection spirit appearance. by hosting this sports meeting, we fully demonstrated the spirit and spirit of our company's environmental protection staff, such as solidarity, cooperation, persistence, courage, and health. at the same time, we fully mobilized the enthusiasm of our staff and strengthened our team's cohesiveness and centripetal force.

at the same time, the environmental protection of hong kong is pursuing high quality enterprise culture and enterprise value. the company regards employees as the assets of enterprises, providing a broad stage for the development of employees, and motivating all employees to devote themselves to the development of environmental protection and environmental protection with greater enthusiasm and more enterprising spirit.