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the chairman of the company to participate in the

source:zhejiang hoodi environmental protection technology co., ltd.publication time:2017-12-25

the chairman of the company to participate in the "2 million 17 thousand zhejiang conference ingenuity"

by december 22, 2017, zhejiang province will promote the regional economy sponsored "2 million 17 thousand zhejiang ingenuity conference was held in the great hall of the people in zhejiang province, the conference of the zhejiang ingenuity dream forward as the theme, our company chairman zou kexing was invited to attend the meeting.

thousands of people in zhejiang general since 2009 have been held for eight sessions, the conference will promote the song "in the sea with the air" in the curtain, and will promote the president of zhejiang provincial people's congress deputy director of the opening speech.

the conference to "zhejiang ingenuity, dream ahead" as the theme, which will promote the work of zhejiang in 2017 were reviewed, and put forward new goals and new requirements for the work in 2018, the layout of the new task. then, silicon valley technology godfather piero skarufi made "the era of artificial intelligence enterprise transformation and breakthrough" keynote speech, providing cutting-edge information technology for the member enterprises, leading member enterprises to conform to the trend of the internet era, for the transformation of industrial development mode actively explore.

since the beginning of this year, all member enterprises have been advancing with the times, entrepreneurial and innovative, and many entrepreneurs have emerged. the conference encourages entrepreneurs to play the spirit of zhejiang businessmen and go all the way to make greater contributions to boosting regional economic development and building a harmonious society.

and we hongdian environmental protection, ten years ago, from the beginning in building fire industry moved to the environmental protection industry, the establishment of the zhejiang hongdian environmental protection science and technology limited company, began to "green tour", the company has developed into a professional engaged in environmental protection equipment manufacturing, environmental engineering contracting and environmental protection facilities operation and maintenance of high-tech wisdom enterprise.

as the founder of environmental protection, chairman zou kexing led a group of visionary management teams to pay attention to their own innovation and continuous breakthrough. comprehensive control company operation management mode, a new business model to build a comprehensive environmental management services, equipment integration, engineering construction, environmental wisdom of large data operations in one, form a good comprehensive technology integration ability, the enterprise brand and the corresponding scale of environmental protection enterprises, and strive to do a creative and play, there are feelings of the new era of zhejiang.