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  • publication time:2018-02-03

    february 3, 2018, "dear, thank you!" the theme of "&2018 annual spring festival" is held in jinhua world trade hotel.

  • publication time:2018-02-03

    in february 3, 2018, the "2017 annual work summary and the 2018 work deployment conference" was held in jinhua world trade hotel, and all the employees attended.

  • publication time:2018-01-28

    in march 23, 2018, the deputy director of the jiangshan municipal people's congress, ning ye, led the superior team of the equipment manufacturing industry of jiangshan city to visit macro electric environmental protection jiangshan base, deeply understand the bottlenecks and pain points of the ente

  • publication time:2018-01-27

    in january 27, 2018, the two member conference of the four capital chamber of commerce in jiangshan city, with the theme of "cohesive four all, strives to move forward", was successfully held in the monarch river hotel. li peirong, deputy director of jiangshan municipal people's congress and relevan

  • publication time:2018-01-23

    in january 19, 2018, the first sports fun meeting was held in jiangshan equipment manufacturing base on the theme of "friendship and participation, fun and fitness, i am happy".in the opening speech, zou kexing, chairman of the company, said: "macro

  • publication time:2017-12-25

    the chairman of the company to participate in the "2 million 17 thousand zhejiang conference ingenuity" by december 22, 2017, zhejiang province will promote the regional economy

  • publication time:2017-11-11

    in the morning of november 11, 2017, jindong district held a news conference on talent new deal, and issued some opinions on promoting innovation and development of talents. the press conference introduces

  • publication time:2017-11-08

    in november 6, 2017, xie zhiqun, the chief engineer of the guiyang aluminum magnesium design institute, arrived at the guidance of the macro electric inspection

  • publication time:2017-11-07

    recently, jinhua has selected the first batch of "science and technology wu merchants". "science and technology wu shang" is the most important example of wu shang's technology and innovation. in this list of 10 people, zou kexing, chairman of jindong enterprise zhejiang macro environmental protecti

  • publication time:2017-11-01

    in october 31, 2017, china carbon industry association secretary general sun qing come to visit our company guidance, the company chairman zou xing, executive president yu liwei, vice president mei mingjun accompanied