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  • publication time:2018-06-06
  • publication time:2018-06-02
  • publication time:2018-05-21

    in may 18, 2018, the scientific and technological achievements of the equipment manufacturing industry of zhejiang university were held in jiangshan, zhu wei, deputy director of the transfer center of the zhejiang university industrial technology transformation research institute, and zou kexing, ch

  • publication time:2018-05-20

    in may 17, 2018, zhou dewen, the economist, chairman of the board of the director of shanghai and zheng dao group, led the wenzhou chamber of commerce of jiangshan city to visit macro electric environmental protection jiangshan base under the accompaniment of the staff of jiangshan city.

  • publication time:2018-04-28

    in april 26, 2018, sun haibo, deputy director of the national people's congress of suzhou city of anhui province, led the delegation of the government to visit hong kong's environmental inspection and exchange, the chairman of the company, zou kexing, ceo yu liwei and other escorts.

  • publication time:2018-03-31

    in march 29, 2018, the vice president of the fourteenth central committee of the 93 society, the standing committee of the cppcc and the deputy director of the committee of the proposal visited the rural domestic sewage operation and maintenance service project of "five water co governance origin /

  • publication time:2018-03-23

    in march 23, 2018, the deputy director of the jiangshan municipal people's congress, ning ye, led the superior team of the equipment manufacturing industry of jiangshan city to visit macro electric environmental protection jiangshan base, deeply understand the bottlenecks and pain points

  • publication time:2018-03-01

    zhejiang hong electric environmental protection science and technology co., ltd., founded in 2008, is a comprehensive environmental control synthesis of environmental pollution control projects, such as ultra low emission control of air pollution, five water co treatment, vocs organic waste gas trea

  • publication time:2018-02-23

    in the morning of february 23, 2018, jiangshan city solemnly held the "comprehensive revitalization industry conference and the municipal government cadres meeting".

  • publication time:2018-02-23

    in february 23, 2018, ye chuncheng, the deputy head of the deputy head of the jin dong district, led the head of the relevant department and the chief executive of the dong xiao street to visit our department after the festival. the vice president of the company, zhang wenguang, nie huijun, was acco