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company headquarters

address: no. 878, kang ji bei street, jindong district, jinhua, zhejiang.

phone: 4007777959

fax: 0579-82058958

web site: http://www.zj-hoodi.com


zip code: 321000

east china branch

address: xiasha wenhui road, hangzhou, hangzhou

contact: mr. mei 13067794212

southwest branch

address: no. 3 fuyuan north road, nanming district, guiyang, guizhou.

contact: mr. zhan 15957919135

northwest branch

address: 9 / f, block a, xixia plaza, qilihe district, lanzhou, gansu.

contact: mr. zou 13185110052

china central branch

address: 11 floor, zhongtian plaza, 766 wuyi avenue, furong district, changsha, hunan.

contact: mr. chen 13588652982

the north china branch

address: 22 / f, zhong an sheng ye building, 168 beiyuan road, beijing.

contact: mr. jiang 13868986222

northeastern branch

address: no. 10 huashan road, harbin, heilongjiang

contact: mr. zeng 13985565122

after-sales service commitment

(1) the warranty period of the equipment is twelve months from the date of the end of the heat load trial run.

(2) provide a full set of technical information and provide practical guidance for all the subject matter.

(3) at least 1 maintenance personnel are required to go to the supplier's factory for free technical training (full cost supplier).

(4) ensure the normal operation of the standard during the warranty period.

(5) if the quality problem is found in the warranty period, the manufacturer will respond within 2 hours after receiving the notification.

(6) after the warranty period, the supplier will provide equipment troubleshooting and maintenance service during the life cycle of the standard object. after receiving the notification from the buyer, the supplier will not respond to more than 2 hours.