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hong electric environmental protection is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in the general contracting of environmental pollution control engineering, environmental operation and maintenance services, and the r & d, manufacture, sales and service of environmental protection equipment. it can provide a one-stop environmental protection solution for the customers. the direction of the direction is right, the time is right in the future, the company is guided by china's policy, in order to improve the ecological environment as the mission, and in the environmental governance has been in the forefront of the industry.

the company takes jinhua macro electric science and technology as the headquarters center, with jiangshan macro electric equipment manufacturing base and hangzhou macro electric technology research center as two wings, and has gradually completed the strategic layout of "one body and two wings". in the future, macro electric environmental protection will be planned in accordance with the "35 strategy" plan made by the company, continuous cultivation and innovation, and create a healthy, stable and sustainable environmental management comprehensive service provider.

the cause of environmental protection is in the present time, and the benefit is in a thousand and the autumn. the environmental protection industry is also a vibrant sunrise industry, facing great historical development opportunities and bright prospects. "the sun rises and the river is red, the river is as green as the spring." we must seize the opportunity, we should seize the opportunity, take advantage of the situation, take advantage of the situation, in the next few years, in the next few years, macro electricity environmental protection will be achieved by leaps and bounds, and strive to become the leading enterprise in the field of environmental protection.

in pursuit of business efficiency, the company also attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility. it is a company with ideals, responsibilities and responsibilities. environmental protection will continue to share successful experiences with new and old customers and partners, share opportunities for development, and join hands with friends to create a better future.

hong electric environmental protection has established a good strategic cooperative relationship with many famous domestic universities and scientific research institutions such as zhejiang university. we sincerely welcome all kinds of professional talents to join the environmental protection environment, strive for the dream of macro electricity, the dream of environmental protection, and the chinese dream.

"trust the industry and create a great business with sincerity." whether you are a new and old customer, partner or professional person, we welcome you to inquire and negotiate business.

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