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spray tube

spray tube

product description:

frp flue gas desulfurization spray pipe produced by our company, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, based on frp polymer composite material as the main material, through mixing mold curing forming process, has the advantages of light weight, strong corrosion resistance, high strength, good abrasion resistance, high reliability of the system and the characteristics of long service life.

main features:

1) with high strength and corrosion resistant vinyl resin as the base material, so it has the ability of high strength and resistance to acid and alkali.

2) it has strong impact resistance and low leakage rate.

3) light weight, easy installation and maintenance.

4) the inner wall of the pipe is high in smoothness and reduces the resistance in the tube.

5) the inner and outer surface of the product added imported wear-resistant agent to improve the wear resistance and service life of the product.

6) one time forming process is adopted in the three - way complex parts, which can enhance the mechanical strength of the product.

7) calculate the thickness of the wall according to the pressure. under normal circumstances, the outer layer (wear resistant layer) has a thickness of 4mm resin content of 80-90%, and the structural layer is determined by stress calculation. the resin content is 40%, the inner surface layer, the 2.5-3mm thickness and the resin content 80-90%.

the main parts of the spray pipe:

1) nozzles

our company can provide single / two-way tangent solid / hollow cone, spiral type and other imported and domestic nozzles.

2) nozzles dredging

the professional engineer of our company can guide the nozzles to dredge on the spot.

3) maintenance or replacement of a branch pipe

our company can provide professional maintenance and replacement services for scaling or fracture of branch pipes.

4) vinyl resin

our company can provide vinyl resin.