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fume baffle door

fume baffle door

product description:

fgd series damper is the company through the absorption of the german dechy knibb technology, combined with their own production experience, single axis double hundred leaf type baffle door to independent innovation and development, can be used for large cross section and high temperature flue baffle door damper. for example: air heater isolation, flue gas desulfurization system.

the flue gas baffle door of our company has the advantages of zero leakage, reliability, anticorrosion and convenient maintenance, which can meet the needs of the customers.

main features:

1) the sealing structure. the sealing material is specially treated with c 276 material. the material has good elasticity. when the baffle door is closed, the sealing contact is sealed, and the sealing gap is small. the patented technology of self reinforced seal structure can ensure the sealing effect of the equipment in a long-term and effective manner.

2) electric heater - the use of temperature stepless automatic regulation, energy saving, longer service life.

3) easy to install - for the super wide door and middle support, both sides of the gate are designed to avoid the death of the middle bearing, and the maintenance and maintenance are convenient.

4) high reliability - using the finite element method to calculate the strength and deformation, and to ensure the reasonable structure of the parts.

5) perfect anticorrosive design -- anticorrosive surface design avoids the penetration of carbon steel during welding of alloy steel, and ensures the welding quality and weld anticorrosive property through strict welding technology.

6) the bypass door fast opening support design - the fast opening support structure adopts the patent technology to reduce the starting torque of the actuator and increase the reliability.

7) measures - switch location and linkage, ensure the operation of the equipment, and prevent misoperation.

8) less resistance - the baffle door block has no intermediate frame to reduce the resistance and leakage point.

9) the adjustable connecting rod mechanism ensures the accurate positioning and flexible rotation of the shutters.

the main parts of the fume baffle door:

1) sealed packing

the material is polytetrafluoroethylene, which is used to seal the shaft end of the baffle door blade to prevent the leakage of the flue gas. the filler is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, self lubricating, small friction coefficient and good sealing effect.

2) heater

it is divided into electric heaters and steam heaters. the use of non - pole automatic temperature regulation to save energy and longer service life. power 50~300kw.

3) seal

the seal structure of our company adopts the proprietary technology of independent research and development. the alloy steel seal has good mechanical strength, good elasticity and corrosion resistance after special treatment. its self reinforced structure can ensure the sealing performance of the equipment in a long and effective way. can also be customized according to the requirements of the customer.

4) sealed fan and accessories

the motor, the installation seat, the outlet of the circle, the expansion joint. q=800 ~ 15000m3/h p=3000 ~ 5500pa.

5) actuators

separate and adjust. there are two types of electric and pneumatic, fast switching time up to 10s. n=600 to 32000n.m.

6) butterfly valve

with the characteristics of zero leakage, the flow of flue gas can be prevented and the seal pipe system is protected from corrosion. dn125~dn450 (temperature resistant / anticorrosive type)

7) limit switch

using the imported omron limit switch, it has more than 300 thousand times of service life, and the operation is stable. the length and direction of the pendulum rod can be adjusted.

8) bearing

the self-aligning ball bearing with square outer spherical surface is used for the driving shaft of the baffle door blade, and it has the advantages of self aligning in the corresponding angle range, flexible rotation, long service life and convenient replacement and maintenance.