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by absorbing advanced foreign technology and according to the problems existing in domestic operation, our company has made two innovations to the product. while ensuring fog removal efficiency, by improving the blade type and surface roughness of the mist eliminator, gypsum slurry is not easy to adhere to the mist eliminator blade, and it can effectively improve the blockage of mist eliminator. the company can design and produce various types and specifications of mist eliminator based on user's process requirements, such as ridge type, horizontal flue type, tube type and flat type.

main features:

1) the average fog drop content is less than 75mg/nm3, and the flue gas is the standard dry base flue gas.

2) to optimize the design of the cleaning system of the mist eliminator, the coverage rate of the nozzle can reach more than 200%. the mist eliminator can be fully moistened and flushed, and it is not easy to scale.

3) the demister module is produced with high strength and corrosion resistant polymer materials, so it has excellent chemical and physical properties.

4) optimize the mist eliminator blade version, improve the surface roughness of the blade, make gypsum slurry not stick to the mist eliminator blade effectively, and improve the blockage of mist eliminator effectively.

5) the construction and installation are simple and convenient, easy to repair and replace.

tube type demister:

our company has investigated the desulfurization operation device in china for a long time. it is found that the ggh blockage caused by the phenomenon of mist eliminator is quite common. our company organized the domestic industry experts to independently develop the tubular mist eliminator.

by increasing the pipe type demister, the large particle slurry solid in the flue gas can be separated in advance, and the smoke in the tower will be evenly distributed, so as to balance the flue gas velocity in the tower, improve the stability and reliability of the original mist eliminator and reduce the resistance of the demister. the effective solution of the two entrainment can reduce the scaling risk of the ggh heat exchange original, and eliminate the flutting phenomenon of the chimney.

functional generalization:

1) removal of fog droplets, fog droplets more than 400-500 mu, the effect is significant.

2) reduce the risk of the blockage of the demister and prevent the large particle solid from entering the demister directly.

3) the uniformity of flue gas distribution in the tower is improved effectively, and the gas flow velocity in the tower is balanced.

4) can effectively alleviate the problem of ggh blockage and chimney floats caused by the flue gas slurry.

the main parts of the mist eliminator:

1) rinse the nozzle, strip, guan jia

2) flushing system

3) blade module

the principle of demister:

mist drop analysis of demister, combined with 300mw engineering example: